Barefoot-Science Supports Barefoot Running


As a barefoot runner, barefoot running coach, exercise physiologist and advisory board member of the International Barefoot Runners’ Association, I have a long and vested interest in…get this…BAREFOOT RUNNING!

Trying to find ANYTHING that supports barefoot running when NOT running barefoot or when the Canadian winters are just too severe for me to run barefoot has proven next-to-impossible…until just a few years ago. That’s when I was introduced to Barefoot Science Inserts.


Please note the following:

1. Running barefoot fully activates the musculature and nerves of the feet like nothing else. The closest I’ve come to experiencing the same powerful activation process is by inserting Barefoot Science 3/4 length units into my Vibram FFs when it’s below -10C for running and in my Barefoot Science flex dress shoes for day-to-day business. Why is this activation process so important to me? Without it, there is NO sensory feedback to provide the best balance and safe contact points when running

2. Running barefoot in combination with squatting and scooting via TOTAL core bracing is by far the safest way to run on any surface from my years of experience. The proper firing sequence of gluteals, quadriceps, calves and hamstrings for safe, efficient running is ensured. When I need to run in my Vibram FFs with the 3/4 length Barefoot Science inserts due to severely cold Canadian winter weather conditions, I get the same firing sequence effect. The sensation of total muscle recruitment in sequence is quite remarkable

3. Running barefoot actively improves power, aerobic efficiency and fatigue tolerance for me. I notice the same results when I need to use the Barefoot Science inserts. The main difference is that I am not in direct contact with the running surface. Thus, my sensory feedback loop is slightly muted

4. Running barefoot has allowed me to train and run injury-free for the past decade. I have run on icy, snowy roads and trails at temps as low as -10C, frozen sand dunes and beaches, hot asphalt, torn up asphalt, all types of stone and concrete etc. with no ill-effects. I’ve also run on all of these surfaces in my Vibram FFs with Barefoot Science 3/4 length inserts. This is the only combination that has come close to matching the sensation, power and efficiency of running barefoot for me

The bottom line is, if you can’t run barefoot or have to wear shoes during your non-running time during the day, go with Barefoot Science inserts to best simulate the benefits of being barefoot!

coach Jeff


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