Coach Jeff’s Korean Adventure

My first and, most likely, only trip to South Korea has been a barefoot running experience to say the least. Whilst visiting our daughter who is studying in Seoul, the coach has been barefooting it on the beaches of Busan and Jeju Island. This being the coldest month (lows of -15C), the surface sand is rock hard and colder than concrete. Busan was much colder but, as I approach the end of my stay, it is snowing on the island! The sand under the crust is thicker than any I have ever encountered, the barefoot sessions that much more challenging.
As if this is not tough enough, I have been starting each session with STEEP hill reps and finishing with a rather frosty plunge into the Pacific. Interesting that I have encountered many beach runners here…but all have been shod. I have no idea how they run like this in sand. Of course, they have no idea how I do it barefoot in winter.
Suffice it to say, the coach`s feet have toughened up since leaving Canada but I have exactly zero barefoot running Korean converts!! Can`t wait to get back to the -20C Canadian temps…not!

Coach Jeff



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