Enough, Already!


It’s time to study truly committed, experienced barefoot runners in THEIR milieu…not on treadmills, not wearing ‘socks’, not in ‘minimalist’ shoes. As an exercise physiologist, I understand the importance of control groups, blind studies, placebos, statistical significance etc.

As a barefoot runner & barefoot running coach, I also understand the trench-level, practical side. I continue to preach the reasons WHY I am so passionate about the merits of barefooting:

* no avoidable injuries

* more efficient FORWARD drive

* faster pace with LESS overall fatigue

* stronger core, healthier feet, fewer back & hip ailments

Further to this, so-called recent ‘research’ on African tribes who run barefoot indicate that one tribe consistently heel strike whilst another forefoot strikes. Many reasons are given as to the difference and they all point to the fact that those who run barefoot regularly with purpose do NOT heel strike. I train my runners to land mid-foot and slightly GRAZE the heel just prior to the drive phase. This works best for the majority of runners that I train mainly due to the fact that they are NOT former sprinters nor mid-distance runners (where forefoot or mid-foot striking is essential for top performance).

Let’s get to the nitty gritty of barefoot running and study us DIRECTLY.

Coach Jeff

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Jeff Stapleton
MSc. Exercise Physiology
Nationally Certified Level III Coach
President , Team Over The Top

Email: coach@naturalrunning.ca
Web:  NaturalRunning.ca
Blog:  Natural Running Canada
Twitter:  @NaturalRunningC
Facebook:  Natural Running Canada


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