Anatomy of the Coach’s Running…Barefoot!

As a young lad, I became aware of certain anatomical anomalies with regards to my legs & feet, specifically. I have since discovered that virtually none of us are perfectly symmetrical. Thus, we consistently put our bodies in unbalanced positions – especially during any type of physical activity. Wait for it…this, over time, leads to a variety of injuries.

In my case, the right foot has always been 1/2 size bigger…and my right leg is about 3/8″ longer (I found that out when I was measured for my 1st pair of tailor-made pants!). As you can imagine, I was constantly compromised when running, jumping, bounding and moving against gravity. The number of aggravating injuries since my earliest competitive years is too long to list. Suffice it to say, most of them would never have happened IF I was perfectly symmetrical.

Further to this, since I began running barefoot and doing a plethora of barefoot strength/balance drills off-road, my right leg and foot are still longer BUT the injuries have disappeared. Even though my anatomy fails me as a classically balanced athlete, the combination of:

* barefoot running

* proper muscle sequence firing

* use of Barefoot-Science inserts in my Vibram FFs and work shoes

* core, balance, plyometric, 1-legged hopping drills

* overload training on my left leg

has taken me to whole new running levels. As I approach age 60 (yikes!), my race times are improving as is my overall physical conditioning…with NO injuries!

Thus, do not be frustrated by your OWN physical imbalances. Do the deep practice work and you can join the coach running barefoot, strong and injury-free!! :-))


coach Jeff


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