No Frills Barefoot Running…Against the Wind!

As Bob Seeger sang “we were running against the wind”. In my case, I’ve been doing that since I can remember. Let me highlight what I mean by this. Consider the following:

* at age 8, I started wearing socks filled with sand or (believe it or not) rocks tied around my ankles whilst I ran & practised long jump. My thinking was ‘train with resistance to build strength & power & go faster/longer in competition. Needless to say, in 1960, this was considered insanity

* at age 15, leading my rugby & football teams in drills where we carried each other up hills & down to build explosive power over short distances. Again, needless to say, in 1968, this was considered insanity

* at age 20, running backwards up & down hills – barefoot – to build fatigue tolerance for 7-aside rugby & muscle balance. Again, this was considered insanity

You can see a pattern. Things coach Jeff was doing ‘back in the day’ are now considered ‘functional training’ in the so-called ‘fitness’ world. Mix that in with barefoot running:

* in Canadian winters

* with no GPS, Garmin, watch etc

* with no fuel belt, gels, salt tablets, ‘electrolyte’ drinks over runs of 10 to 30 kms

* no damn ‘ear plugs’ for music, news, blah, blah, blah

Heck, I’d run naked if it was legal! My point being, the running ‘community’ is over-thinking the room today! If we got back to pre-run fueling with plenty of water (when in doubt, drink more water than normal!), eating balanced, nutritious meals regularly, training deep & frequently in all conditions &, get this…running light & compact (aka the squat/scoot), there would be a whole new generation of injury-free, PR-setting runners.

Let me know if I’m right…or whether, once again, this is considered INSANITY!

coach Jeff



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