TOTTers Conquer ENJ Course – and then some!

Today marked the 3oth anniversary of the Egg Nog Jog 10.8 kilometre running road race in Terra Cotta, Ontario, Canada. It circumvents the Terra Cotta Conservation area in the highlands north of Toronto, Canada. As such, it has been called the toughest road race in North America covering less than 15 kilometres. Having done the race in snow storms, driving wind, -15C temps and heavy sleet storms, I can vouch for that. Quite simply, this is an EXTREME running challenge. Today, however, ushered in almost perfect running conditions (much to my chagrin :-)).

My TOTT runners have been training with me since late September for the race. This involved 5 sessions on the course where we did repeats of the Valley of Death II monster hill (situated at the 5.5 kilometre mark) – running it backwards, side to side, side to side crossover, forward crossover  and low squat up AND down. We also did varied track & hill workouts in our town (Port Credit) to develop fatigue tolerance, power endurance and speed endurance.

All of this obviously paid off. Please note the following:

* all participating TOTTers achieved PRs (personal records) – some by as much as 20 minutes! This was one of my 1st timers who had never gone under 80 minutes for 10 kilometres in a race

* one (Kerry Howse) finished 1st in her age group and was 4th woman overall and 3oth out of 600 racers at 46:21

* another (Sohail Nejat) was 3rd in his age group at 53:13

* all others finished well ahead of anticipated goal times

All in all, it was a fantastic racing day for my TOTTers. Next up for my team, the Around The Bay 30 km road race on March 24, 3013 – considered the toughest running road race – PERIOD – in North America!!

Achieve greatness by expecting greatness…

coach Jeff



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