Barefoot Science Inserts Revolutionizing the Running World #InjuryFreeRunning


My goal as a running coach is to provide the safest and most efficient way for clients to perform.

With this in mind, I developed the Squat-Scoot method of mid-foot running that includes the 4 pillars of ‘tight, light, compact, forward’ motion. Going barefoot (or at least doing all off-road running drills barefoot) is far and away the best way to accomplish this.

Beyond this, the Barefoot Science progressive insert system is the only one I have found that simulates the effectiveness of barefoot running. Let me explain:

* lightly pull a pencil along the sole of your bare foot. Feel the sensation. Then, put a piece of paper over the sole of your foot & repeat the process. Make note of the lack of feeling. Repeat this with a sock &, finally, your running footwear. You will notice a total lack of feeling the more material you put on the sole of your foot

* with Barefoot Science, you activate the plantar musculature and foot bed proprioception which “cross trains the body out of the core bias that underlies a multitude of inefficiencies and subtle imbalances” as found in testing done by David Lemke (NMT, sEMG Tech). David believes it literally completes the upright posture circuit and improves posture without effort

* with Barefoot Science in your shoes, there is improved muscle load distribution (as evidenced by improved muscle fire sequencing), decreased asymmetrical inefficiency (better left/right balance), reduced muscle fatigue, decreased pelvic torsion (improved core stability) and, most importantly, improved performance

Running barefoot will always be Number 1 for me as to sensory feedback & safe, efficient running. It’s the other 90% of the day when most of us are required to wear shoes that concern me.  The Barefoot Science system is the solution to the aforementioned dilemma – without question!

coach Jeff

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