Race Dates:

Around The Bay – Sun March 24, 2013

Boston Marathon – Mon April 15, 2013

Mississauga Marathon – Sun May 5, 2013

Optional:  Chilly Half – Sun March 3, 2013

Clinic Details:

Start Date:         Wed December 12, 2012

Start Time:         6:45 p.m.

Location:           Runner’s Mark store in Port Credit, Mississauga, Ontario (on Lakeshore Rd.)

End Date:          Race Date of registered event

15 week ATB, 18 week Boston & 21 week Mississauga Programmes

Each programme includes a training schedule designed by coach Jeff Stapleton, 2 weekly group training sessions (mainly on Wed. evenings & Sun. mornings), bi-monthly gym training on Wednesdays till after the Bay race (if there is enough interest – please advise if you want to have this as part of the clinic when you register), weekly e-mail updates from coach Jeff, frequent on-site ATB & Mississauga race routes training sessions & direct guidance from one of Canada’s foremost barefoot/minimalist squat/scoot mid-foot running coaches.

(please note that I will be overseas from Feb. 9 to 22 & Mar. 8 to 22. This means I will miss 7 or 8 training sessions – you will each have a programme to follow & can meet as a group without me on team training days. This also explains the earlier start date. This will also be reflected in an adjusted clinic cost)

* all training sessions NOT on the ATB course will be held in and around the south Mississauga area.

Cost Per Person:


1. ATB – $205.00

2. Boston – $230.00

3. Mississauga 1/2 or Full – $300.00

(these include the cost of bi-monthly gym sessions)

WEDNESDAYS ONLY (including gym sessions):

1. ATB – $110.00

2. Boston – $120.00

3. Mississauga – $160.00


1. ATB – $125.00

2. Boston – $145.00

3. Mississauga – $185.00


Please also note that the Bay race will probably fill by early December this year – yes, before the clinic even starts! Thus, if you plan to do it, enter sooner rather than later. Also, the Robbie Burns 5 km race in late Jan./13 & the Chilly 1/2 in early March also tend to fill up fast. Plan accordingly…!

This is your opportunity to train (or continue to train!) with one of the premier running coaches in Canada. You will improve your ability to run safer, more efficiently & with more power via the squat/scoot method of mid-foot running & the technical drills as developed by coach Jeff.

Register early (you can pay via on-line banking, by cheque payable to Jeff Stapleton or in cash) as space is limited.


REGISTRATION:  You can reserve a spot by e-mailing coach@naturalrunning.ca



    – MSc. – Exercise Physiology

           – President: Team Over The Top

           – Level III Certified NCAC Coach

           – member Advisory Committee North American Barefoot Running Association


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