Record Now Official + OFSSA is Tough!

Coach Jeff just got official confirmation from Sports Stats & the race organizers of the 2012 Toronto Scotia Waterfront 1/2 marathon that his finishing time was indeed a new Canadian 1/2 marathon running barefoot record of 1:38:42, placing him 19th out of 263 in the 55-59 men’s age group & 268th overall (out of 9,000+ finishers). For an encore, I say “watch me go even faster next year @ age 60”!!

A few of my young girls (age 14) just competed in the Midget OFSSA cross country championships @ Heart Lake in Brampton this weekend past. There were 280 of the province’s top runners – all of whom had to regionally qualify. Needless to say, there were MANY outstanding competitors. My girls finished 94th & 100th overall & their PCSS team finished 24th out of 48 teams. As 1st year HS competitors with limited cross-country racing experience, these were  fantastic results. The 2 girls had finished 5th & 6th (& my 3rd TOTT girl had finished 30th) out of 185 runners @ the ROPSSA championships a week earlier.

I highlight this to indicate the competitive jump from regional to provincial. You can only imagine the jump to national and INTERNATIONAL! It’s a totally different world for the girls – one that they may someday venture into at some level. For now, good on them to bring their running to a new level & experience how tough it is to reach the top of the next level.  They have a strong mental approach & a willingness to learn & improve. With more specific technical training in how to run safe & strong, the sky is the limit!


coach Jeff


2 thoughts on “Record Now Official + OFSSA is Tough!

  1. Congratulations to you and all of your inspired and inspiring young women.

    Namaste barefoot King

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