Upper Body Stabilization Circuit for Barefoot Running

One of the most neglected aspects of preparation for safe, efficient squat/scoot running is the upper body.  To better prepare yourself for the rigors of faster, longer barefoot runs, incorporate the following circuit:

* standing overhead lateral rotations

* forward lateral rotations (sitting on a stability ball) with palms up rotated to palms down as arms finish parallel to ground

* alternate arm forward raise (2 positions – forward and to a 45 degree angle)

* running arm swings (on Bosu Ball) 10 reps arms extended, 10 reps arms bent)

* bent over (with support leg straight) row. Alternate legs every 10 reps

* chest flyes (on inverted Bosu Ball) – ttoal flex of chest muscles as weights come down with gravity is key)

Do these with dumbbells that you can lift with good technique for 60 secs. Also, do these balancing on 1 leg alternately.  Fit the circuit into your weekly training on 2 to 3 days. You will notice a major improvement in your ability to hold the upper body strong deeper into hard, long runs. This translates into less likelihood of letting the core go & dropping the feet hard with gravity onto the running surface.


coach Jeff




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