Barefoot Weights Circuit to Improve Balance/Endurance

One of the main sources of trouble for my runners (and for most runners  as a matter of fact) is imbalance between right & left legs. Virtually everyone has 1 side that is stronger (and, thus, more dominant) than the other. This usually leads to what I term avoidable soft tissue injuries from running unbalanced. Thus, I developed the following circuit (1 of many) to help my runners improve their balance & balance endurance. Give it a try as part of your transition to barefoot running:

* stork stand pulls – stand on 1 leg, lean forward & bring other leg to parallel behind you, hold dumbbells or kettle bells at full arm extension under you, pull weights to chest and back. Repeat for 60 secs/leg

* same as above with eyes closed (work up to 60 secs.)

* Bosu Ball hops – on 1 leg, hop forward onto the rounded side of the BB and backward to the floor on same leg. Repeat but switch legs. Must go quickly and land close to the ball. Repeat for 60 secs.

* Squats – 1 legged with weights held against chest. 60 secs./leg

* repeat above with eyes closed

* Medicine Ball Crossovers – use M/B that bounce. Select one that you can drive off the floor to should height repeatedly for 60 secs. Balance on 1 leg, drive the ball off the floor on an angle & catch it at shoulder height. 4 repeats on 1 leg, then switch to other leg – alternate for 60 secs.

No break between exercises. Build up to 4 circuits. You will notice better running balance, virtually no soft tissue injuries & better running technique endurance.


coach Jeff


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