Barefoot Cadence Drills

There are a few things re: running that ALMOST drive me to drink…and, for a non-drinker, they MUST be quite severe! I am going to highlight one & then provide a few drills that help my runners (and, hopefully, YOU) overcome the ‘flaw’.

Here we go:

* letting go in the core (especially the key gluteal muscles) that result in a ‘flat’ foot strike & slight over-stride

When I train people in how to perfect the squat/scoot technique of mid-foot running, this is the single hardest aspect for them to grasp.  It’s just too damn easy to let the gluts & other key core muscles ‘go’, thus giving in to gravity.

* the result is almost always an extended stride length followed by the proverbial ‘flat foot slap’ – a bane of my existence…

The following circuit (done barefoot) helps you overcome the above, thus ensuring a safe, efficient landing & push-off:

1. brace the core & run on the spot, each foot strike landing in the same spot with heels ‘flicking’ toward the buttocks – 60 secs. x 3 reps. There should be NO noise from each strike

2. brace the core, keep knees bent slightly, lift up on toes & fall forward. Let your feet catch you & then quickly turn over your feet & drive forward for 50 metres. Repeat x 10. Again, you should not hear your feet

3.  repeat #2 above re: start position but run in a straight line forward for 60 secs. Count each foot strike. You want to get 180 to 240 strikes in the 60 secs. Repeat x 3. Again, you should NOT hear your feet

4. lean forward on 1 leg at a 30 degree angle. Fire the ‘free’ leg forward & backward & drive the arms in a powerful running action. 60 secs./leg x 3

Doing these 2 to 3 times/week will help you eliminate the ‘impact noise’ (& resultant high risk of injury and/or fatigue) and get your running as if you’re on the ‘magic carpet’!!


coach Jeff



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