Barefoot Running Pylon Drills #2

As a follow-up to my previous blog, please note the following drills that can be added to your training repertoire for barefoot running (set up markers about 3 metres apart in 4 rows with 4 markers per row):

1. bounding on 1 leg, weave forward around each marker, 1 row at a time

2. bound back on the other leg

Repeat x 3 the above circuit

3. 1-legged hop & switch forward, weaving around the markers from 1 row to the next top to bottom. Return to start in same format

4. low squat forward run with quick foot turnover, weaving through markers & back (must stay as low as possible to maximize result)

Do the above circuit x 3 sets with 1 minute rest between sets & no rest between drills. You will notice that your feet, Achilles, calves etc. will get stronger & will respond more naturally to your normal running style. Being barefoot as often as possible will dramatically increase your foot sole toughness which will translate into ZERO running injuries.

coach Jeff




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