Barefoot Running Pylon Drills

In the on-going quest for barefoot running perfection, I developed the following pylon circuits for my runners. We do them in either the gym during our off-road sessions, the track infield or on roughed up asphalt parking lots. The latter surface helps to toughen the skin on the soles of the feet for those who wish to run totally barefoot. Most of my runners, however, opt for the so-called minimalist footwear (Nike Frees, New Balance Zeros, Vibram FFs, Merrill Glove etc.) – much to the coach’s chagrin!!

Put these into your training routine & you’ll notice a big improvement in balance, foot turnover, power endurance & injury prevention. Set up 12 pylons or markers of some sort in staggered rows of 4 – 2 – 2 – 4. The drills are as follows:

1.  forward crossover stride & weave around each marker row after row & back. Repeat for 60 secs.

2. no rest. Go directly into low side to side shuffle & weave as above

3. no rest. Go directly into low side to side shuffle crossover & weave as above

4. no rest. Backward quick turnover weave as above

5. 1 minute rest. Go into 1-legged hopping forward weave as above

6. no rest. Go into 1-legged side-to-side hopping & weave as above

7. no rest. Finish with Sumo Squat hops forward & weave as above

Do 1 complete circuit 2 to 3 times per week. It’s a time-efficient, effective circuit that will take your barefoot running to a new level. Another series of pylon drills to follow…

coach Jeff


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