Parents – Keep Your Kids Barefoot

Our children are born barefoot. Before they can walk, most of us (especially in the so-called ‘Western World’) outfit them in “Buster Browns’ or some facsimile. For whatever reason(s), we can’t leave well enough alone.

Having trained kids from age 6 & up, I know that once I get them barefoot, they adapt to an injury-free, efficient way of moving. No orthotics, no braces,  no tensors – just their feet & whatever surface we train on.

If we as parents keep our kids barefoot as often as ‘legally’ allowed (our schools & churches etc. don’t usually permit ‘barefoot’ attire). They do in many other parts of the world & the kids never have feet, ankle, knee, hip, back problems.  Thus. let’s take the cue & put all footwear aside for as many hours of each day as practical…and when you MUST put them in footwear, make sure you get them fitted for the Barefoot Science insert system. I have introduced it in previous blogs but you can also go onto the website – or .com.

Here’s to the next generation having ultra strong feet and virtually NO avoidable injuries.

coach jeff



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