Do’s & Don’ts Running Barefoot in the Country

I have the good fortune of being able to run barefoot along many country roads whilst at our cottage or traveling on business. Over the years, to maximize the value of country road barefoot running, a list of do’s and don’ts has emerged. It is as follows:


* do get out if possible at sunrise  – even if it means hitting the shoulder to avoid traffic (it’s the best part of the day to run)

* do wear a road ID bracelet or some such item – you never know…

* do advise someone of your planned route and approximate return time

* do go alone as often as possible – it’s the best way to re-connect with yourself and God (or some like spirit)

* do focus on your technique of tight, light, compact, forward with a calm, relaxed inner self

* do talk to God (I do this out loud to make sure I’m TRULY connected) – alone in the country is one of the few places where you can do this unconditionally. You’ll be amazed at how this calms you and helps you caress the running surface more efficiently & powerfully. My pace always picks up with no traces of pain


* don’t carry any form of electronics – this is your time to narrow the focus on the moment

* don’t carry any fluids, gels etc. Hydrate & nutrate properly pre-run &, unless it’s 100F & humid, you’re good for at least 18 kms. I try to get as close to naked as is legal. The less you carry, the easier it is to focus

* don’t let your life’s ‘baggage’ bog you down. Leave it at home & deal with it post-run

* don’t let negative self-talk clog your brain (this is crazy! I can’t do this! I have too much on my plate!)

* don’t take the easiest path – running barefoot is about toughening up the soles of the feet

* don’t give up on God (or your higher spirit). With all of the tragedies that occur daily on the planet, it’s easy to question God & the plan of life. Suffice it to say there is always a reason – you must simply be open to the answer

Here’s praying all of you experience the sheer joy of running barefoot in the country (even though it’s NEVER easy!)  :)))

coach Jeff



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