OPP Pull Over Coach Jeff For Running Barefoot!

I know – it sounds too weird to be true! Indeed, I DID get pulled over by 2 OPP officers whilst running barefoot (& shirtless!) on the holiday Monday, Aug. 6. Little did I know that drivers @ our cottage on Lake Huron gave a rat’s behind about joggers – let alone were concerned enough to lodge a complaint with the local constabulatory.  Indeed, this could probably only happen in cottage country Ontario.

There I was @ the 8 km. mark of an 11.5 km. barefoot run on one of the county roads (albeit busy with traffic to & fro the Bruce Nuclear Plant) leading from our cottage to the neighbouring village.  It was 7:15 a.m. on a beautiful, clear yet stinkin’ hot, humid Monday.  I was running strong off a 1 km. long,  steep hill when an OPP cruise approached & flagged me down. The officer asked if I was running down the middle of the road barefoot & shirtless. I replied that yes, I’m barefoot & shirtless but I’m criss-crossing the road to make it easier on drivers to pass by me. He said that complaints had been lodged saying that drivers ‘could not see me & that I was running in the middle of the road’. I looked @ the officer & asked “can you see me? It’s a clear, sunny morning. How can they NOT see me?” With that the officers said “we had to follow up basically to see if you really WERE barefoot! Seriously, folks, I can’t make this stuff up!

I guess the morale of the story for coach Jeff (& all other barefoot runners!) is to advise your local police of your route before venturing out!

coach Jeff (stymied yet undaunted!)


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