Family Summer Training Camp #2

The setting once again was a long weekend @ our cottage on Lake Huron (specifically, Inverhuron Beach) where about 70 of my relatives gathered to enjoy sun, sand, surf…& coach Jeff’s mini-training camp open to all!

In such a special setting, it was only appropriate that we had perfect conditions for all sorts of physical fitness activities. My Indianapolis, Indiana cousins – clan Preston – started the ball rolling with a barefoot running session over the gravel/stone cottage road. Luke (age 9), Will (age 7) & young Kelsey (age 4) showed natural squat/scoot form & fantastic enthusiasm whilst Dad (Jay), Mom (Sara) & aunt (Catherine) showed less-than-stellar form wearing their ‘coffins’. Once we got them lower, tighter & lighter, they were able to keep up with the kids! :-)) Thomas (age 2) will start NEXT summer!

My Rochester, New York young relatives (brothers Blake & Cody – ages 6 & 4) & my other relatives from Ladera Ranch, CA (Nicole age 9 & Ryan age 7) were next up with  a dazzling display of bare-foot running on the river rock in front of our cottage & the gravel front road. They also showed a natural affinity to the squat/scoot technique – low, quiet & forward with quick foot turnover. Do you see a pattern here?

Dealing with my ‘older’ generation cousins proved to be a blast. Working them through the Sumo Squat series of exercises in combination with 1-legged 5-point burpees left them begging for a break but convinced to include them into a daily regime! We shall see the results on Labour Day weekend! Oh, they are even still talking to me! :-))

Finally, the ‘middle’ generation cousins who have ventured into the Vibram FFs & minimalist worlds of needed a refresher course in the importance of bracing the core to avoid foot-slapping. They are a work in progress but are showing a commitment to the process.

Bring on Labour Day weekend & family training session #3!!
coach Jeff



5 thoughts on “Family Summer Training Camp #2

      1. You would be proud. The boy is so committed to the bare foot program, 9 holes today bare foot for young Luke on the golf course. I am not sure how the squat and scoot will work with the golf swing but he is a believer and a huge fan.

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