Focused Hill Drills Lock In Barefoot Running Technique


Once per week, I venture out onto a series of hills in our ‘hood’ at 5:31 a.m. – no matter what the weather! Generally, a few of my running/training clients/friends will join me. Some are more regular than others… 🙂

My goal is always the same – push the envelope re: getting better at bare-foot running. The drills are incorporated into a 50 minute workout that is NEVER easy but always goes by FAST & pays dividends. An example is as follows:

* a warm-up run loop along Lake Ontario and through a neighbouring marsh/natural wetlands and back to a series of 5 hills

* 1- legged hopping forward to the top of the shortest hill with a side-shuffle down

* 1-legged hopping on the other leg as above & side-shuffle leading with other leg dwon

* forward run to 2nd steepest hill & backward up with side shuffle crossover down. Repeat but side shuffle crossover down leading with other leg

* forward run to longest hill. Alternate backward/forward running uphill, switching quickly & frequently. Backwards downhill to steepest hill

* 1-legged hopping backwards uphill, switching legs every 30 hops

* after backward on alternate legs, switch to side hopping on 1 leg, then the other leg. Try to go as far as possible on 1 leg before switching

* downhill forward & fast

* stay on steep hill & finish with 2 reps at gradually faster pace uphill & backwards downhill

Finishing a session like this once per week will improve your forward running technique, virtually eliminate the risk of a running-related injury & take you to a whole new level of running endurance power.

For more in-depth training and advice, please consider Upcoming and Ongoing Clinics

Coach Jeff


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