My Family Takes to the Squat&Scoot method of Barefoot Running!

The Canada Day July 1st long weekend is always our main family gathering time at Inverhuron Beach. We have a ‘compound’ that rivals the Kennedys at Martha’s Vineyard!

This weekend was different in that it evolved into a coach Jeff running clinic for 3 generations of my family – not intentional BUT 1 thing led to another…! It started on Saturday with my younger brother and I playing barefoot (as always) in our annual Campbell Clan Open (he and my younger sister are big barefoot advocates). From there, it morphed into a 7:30 a.m. run with my cousin’s son, ‘Jay’, who wanted to join me for 5 to 10 kms. of my 18 km. run. He was having ‘hamstring’ strain issues from running & wanted an assessment. I let him ‘go’ for the 1st 2 kms. (his technique was SO bad I couldn’t in good faith let him continue) & then started moving him into the squat/scoot world of mid-foot running. By the time he turned back, the technique was somewhat locked in & he had no more hamstring ‘pain’. After I finished my 18 km. run bare-foot, I checked with Jay and all he felt was calf ‘soreness’ – perfect Squat&Scoot!

From there, Jay’s 2 eldest kids (Luke at age almost 9 & Will at age 7) ran with me barefoot along our gravel road for 2 kms – no problem. Luke is now registered as one of my blog followers & he & Will want to go barefoot all the time now! Luke thinks WAY outside the box & already grasps the importance of balance & respecting GRAVITY – the kid’s scary bright!!

Then, it was off to my cousin’s front lawn for a supposedly private training session with Ashley (from Nova Scotia) re: overcoming her ‘shin splint’ pain & getting her back in shape. After 30 mins, she was squatting & scooting PAIN-FREE with the best of them. Of course, 5 of my other cousins jumped into the fray & within minutes we had a veritable squat/scoot Clan Olympic team in the offing! It simply reinforced to me that virtually no ‘average’ person has a clue how to safely run for health, distance & fitness. What a great feeling @ the end of the session to see so many of my family actually being able to run without pain!

Finally, it was on to my cousins who have been prescribed $600-$900 orthotics to ‘correct’ various foot (post surgery) & ‘itis’ /nerve problems (sciatica/fascitis)- with virtually ZERO success. I fitted 4 of them with the Bare-foot-Science insert system &, within a few walking trials, they were feeling immediate activity from their arches up through their calves & into their gluts & back. My sister & brother-in-law have been using the system for a few months now & are pain-free for the 1st time in years! All this for $60 to $70!! Good-bye orthotics (or as I like to call them – ‘cement shoes’!).

Not sure if I’ll ever top this July 1 holiday weekend for impactful, powerful family interaction but I do know that there are a # of my family who will be changed for the better forever!!

Coach Jeff


2 thoughts on “My Family Takes to the Squat&Scoot method of Barefoot Running!

  1. What a great weekend and a great family Jeff. Happy Canada Day to you and your family. lots of love the Hendrick/Bertrands

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