Neighbourhood Kids Going Barefoot!


In my neighbourhood, I’m known as ‘that barefoot guy‘. Not sure if that’s a positive or negative moniker. My guess is a bit of both. Most of the parents look at my bare-foot running, lawn-cutting, gardening, sports playing etc. as “well, as long as it’s only Jeff and not the rest of us”.

The kids, on the other hand, embrace it fully. As a matter of fact, they take pride in showing me how well they can run, jump, skip, play badminton etc. bare-foot – from the 3 to 17 year olds!! The interesting thing is how quickly they adapt especially to bare-foot running. They bang on our front door – barefoot – as say ” look, Jeff. I’m barefoot. Watch this!” as they proceed to race up our driveway, doing handstands, cartwheels, round-offs & flips as they go. Often, they will line up in twos @ the end of a neighbour’s LONG paved driveway wanting me to time them racing bare-foot. All I have to do is mention “quiet feet – I don’t want to hear your feet hitting the pavement” & they immediately brace, flick & push forward whilst getting lower to the ground – a perfect squat/scoot action with no pain & lots of laugthter.

If only ALL of us could experience this youthful exuberance toward a natural, safe way of moving! Here’s to YOU getting the neighbourhood kids barefoot!!

Coach Jeff


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