Race Day in Streetsville, ON Canada!

The 8:00 a.m. start didn’t intimidate my 10 and 12 year old TOTT runners in the Streetsville Bread & Honey 5 & 15 km Road Race.

In perfect conditions, James and I (him in Nike Frees, me barefoot as usual) covered the 1st 4 kms together – this being his 1st EVER 5 km race. We’d trained for this BUT racing it is a different animal. In spite of severe allergies, James soldiered on with NO stopping! I left him with 1 km to go and according to his parents, he finished as we discussed…strong! Just an amazing result for a special young lad…

From there, I raced at a 4:30/km to catch my 12 and 13 year old TOTTers (Owen & Patrick) at the 7 km mark. Patrick’s mom, Louise, was also running with them. We held their pace till the 10 km mark where I said “time to hammer, lads” and dropped to a 4:15/km pace to the finish. The lads came in at 90 minutes – this was Owen’s 1st 15 km race & Patrick’s 3rd. They were barely breathing hard & looked fresh enough to go another 15 kms! I told them ‘no prisoners’ in their next race. Pedal to the metal throughout.

Apparently, there was 1 other barefooter in the 15 km race but I didn’t see him. Also, one of my adult TOTTers (Anthony Semchek) completed the 5K race barefoot – the 1st time he’s ever done that!

There seems to be hope that barefoot running in Canada (at least in the warmer weather!) is catching on. There should be 6 of my Transition clinic members doing the CameronHelps 5 km Race in Port Credit, Mississauga on Father’s day totally BAREFOOT. I’ll blog the results post race.

As for the coach, it was a case of negative split followed by negative split! :)) Even at 4:15/km, I never felt stressed. My feet were barely caressing the pavement – I simply DOMINATED the portions of the course that I raced. This sets me up well to FULLY race the Toronto Scotia 1/2 barefoot in October/12.

If you want to run strong & injury-free, get the hell out of the ‘coffins‘! The slapping on the pavement from the ‘masses’ this morning almost KILLED me!

Coach Jeff


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