Upcoming Clinics From Team Over The Top: Coach Jeff!


Make sure you register for 1 or both of the following clinics:

1. the TOTT summer Gym Barefoot Training for Runners. It’s at the Cawthra Pool Exercise Room in Port Credit (please refer to flyer in previous blog for more details)

* you can reserve & pay on-line via coach Jeff or pay on Day one (Thurs., July 5) but book in advance

* this is an 8 week session on Thursday during the summer

* cost is $130.00/person

2. the Transition Running Clinic beginning Monday, July 9 till Monday, Sept. 3 @ Runners’ Mark (see flyer in earlier blog).

* register & pay via coach Jeff directly or register @ Runners’ Mark store in Port Credit (289)813-9999 or via wendy@runnersmark.com

* this is a clinic geared toward teaching you the squat/scoot technique of safe, efficient, powerful mid-foot barefoot/minimalist running

* you progress to running farther faster with less stress on your running joints, ligaments, tendons

* cost is $199.00 per person

Don’t delay. These usually fill up quickly. If you want to be coached by one of the best in the barefoot/minimalist/squat-scoot world, register now!!

Coach Jeff


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