Taking Barefoot Running to the Next Level


If you’ve been doing the following regularly:

* roughing up your skin on the soles of your feet

* bracing your core

* balancing over your feet & centering through your mid-line

* sequence firing from your gluts to quads to calves to hams

* building your running muscle flexibility, muscular endurance & fatigue tolerance

then you are ready for Barefoot Power Plyometric work. By that I mean drills that cause you to eccentrically contract your running muscles followed immediately by powerful concentric, explosive action. Venture into these ONLY if you have built up with 1-legged hopping, box hopping, backward & side to side hopping etc.

Here are a few that my runners do regularly to build power endurance, balance, fatigue tolerance & smooth squat/scoot mid-foot running:

1. 2-legged jumps off 1 step followed by explosive jump straight into air as high as possible x 10 reps

2. same as above but 1-legged

3. 2-legged side jumps onto 1 metre high bench followed by jump down to opposite side & powerful jump straight up off floor

4. as above but 1-legged

5. 1-legged off Bosu Ball onto floor followed by powerful jump straight up

Do these 1 or 2 times per week away from your running. Make sure to land LIGHT at all times. Get good at these & you’ll own the roads barefoot.

Coach Jeff


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