Faster Barefoot

The process of getting faster whilst running barefoot is challenging yet exhilarating! If you are able to get your butt low, keep your knees bent thru the running action, brace your core to allow for a caressing action along the running surface & drop your shoulders so that your arms work as pistons to drive you forward, then barefoot running with be yours for the taking.

It sounds complicated, tiring & most difficult. Well, it is & then some! Oh, did I mention the need to toughen the skin on the soles of your feet to the point where you can scurry over any surface pain-free?

Once you DO get there, you can jump all over your cadence to reach a 4 or 5 strike per second turnover that actually takes less energy than the same cadence in coffin, minimalist, FiveFinger, track spike footwear. You will be amazed @ how fast & efficient you will run.

Jump into the barefoot ‘fire’!


coach Jeff


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