Barefoot Running. Tell me why NOT again??

Apparently, there was yet ANOTHER negative-toned radio special (this time on CHUM FM Toronto, Canada) on Tuesday, May 22 in the early a.m. This is just one more nay-saying blather about the ‘risks’ of barefoot running. Come on now – enough of this BS. If there is so much risk, then why have I experienced the following?:

1. no personal running-related injuries since starting to run barefoot regularly 12 years ago after a few decades of nagging ‘itis’ injuries whilst wearing ‘coffins’

2. no running injuries reported in any of my Transition clinic members (all of whom joined my programme either with or coming off running injuries whilst wearing coffins) after 10 weeks. Indeed, no adverse feelings anywhere in their running muscles, joints, tendons, ligaments

3. no running injuries in my kids ages 10 to 15 as they progress to 15 kms – some barefoot, some in the New Balance Minimus Zero, some in the Nike Free 3.0 but ALL doing off-road drills barefoot

There’s a common thread in all those who have worked with me on the technique of running & the power/balance/safety of running barefoot…NO INJURIES!!

Thus, PLEASE stop with the negative BS, media grovelers!


coach Jeff


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