Barefoot Running Made Easy? Never…!

You are probably like me – confused re: the plethora of barefoot running videos, U-Tube clips & so-called barefoot running gurus who indicate that all you have to do is ‘relax, move free & easy, be at one with nature’ etc. to run barefoot effortlessly. Well, I’ve tried doing that & almost ended up in hospital with all kinds of injury issues.

From my experience & years of coaching runners transitioning to barefoot running, you simply CANNOT just ‘let yourself go & float along any surface’ without severe ramifications.

Once again, from my experience, you MUST:

* toughen up the soles of your feet to safely run barefoot on ANY surface before you do anything else

* work hard daily @ bracing your whole core to hold yourself from dropping with gravity vs. Mother Earth

* learn to move low & forward (squat & scoot) with MINIMAL extraneous body movement

* hold the body tight & move light kilometre after kilometre (if you cannot hold on, stop & start up on another day. Trying to continue as your body pounds vs. Mother Earth NEVER ends well)

If this is ‘just letting yourself go’ & ‘running barefoot & free’, then, great – I’m in! Remember – there is no easy way to achieve running NIRVAVA!


coach Jeff


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