TOTT Mississauga Race Results – PRs Glaore!!

It was a banner race weekend in Mississauga, Canada for members of coach Jeff’s TOTT. Here’s a summary:

* James Martin – age 10 – kids’ 2 km race – finished in 11:50

* Patrick Hogeveen – age 12 – Open 1/2 Marathon – his 1st 1/2 & the youngest competitor – finished in 2:10:12

* Megan Leon – age 17 – Open 1/2 Marathon – her 1st – finished in 1:49:12

* Annette Carter – Open 1/2 Marathon – women 50 to 59 – finished in 2:06:15 (in spite of THREE washroom breaks!)

*Kerry Howes – Open Marathon – women 30-39 – finished in 3:28:12 (in spite of being sick for the past 2 weeks with a severe brochial infection) – re-qualifies for Boston 15 months post delivery of baby #1 by over 12 minutes! She was on pace for a sub 3:15 finish & 4 th woman overall @ 32 kms. when her lungs & trachea started blocking up. There were a few moments when Kerry was about to be physically ill – somehow, she dug deep & kept pushing the pace…incredible!

* Paula Bucci & Alison Cumming – Open Marathon – women 30-37 – finished together in 4:16:39 – PRs for both! They fought thru a few dark places to get their PR – basically finishing on fumes.

It was fantastic to ride/run alongside most of you for certain segments of the race. It proved to me yet again that ordinary people can achieve extraordinary results. The TOTT training schedule was arduous – to say the least! You did the work & then some…not many outside the elite world of runners train in your rarified air.

A special congrats from the coach on a job superbly handled! Here’s to a well-deserved rest before the Streetsville B&H races in early June & my summer indoor gym training for runners.

coach Jeff


One thought on “TOTT Mississauga Race Results – PRs Glaore!!

  1. Congratulations to Jeff and his team! Your success demonstrates the first class effect that a dedicated team and a passionate coach has on performance.
    Well done!

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