Is Barefoot Running the Way to Go??

As I go into my 12th year of running barefoot & coaching ages 8 thru 65 how to run barefoot, I wonder if it really makes sense. After all, I almost NEVER see anyone running barefoot during my runs, @ races that I compete in or attend, nor @ the elite level.

There are SUPPOSEDLY large #s of barefoot runners throughout the world but I’m having my doubts. I get people saying “my physiotherapist is a barefooter” only to find out that he/she is a FiveFingers wearer.  There’s no comparison…Also, many say “I plan to give it a go but only on grass”. Just not the same as road & off-raod barefooting.

Maybe I’m like Rodney Dangerfield…”can’t get no respect”. Not to worry. I’m staying the course @ all costs. The benefits simply FAR outweigh the negatives.


coach Jeff


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