Barefoot Transition Seminar A Big Hit!

NUDGE endurance training & adventure travel in Streetsville, Ontario, Canada was the setting for Coach Jeff’s barefoot running transition seminar. The focii were:

* learning how to brace from the core

* learning how to work with vs. against gravity whilst running

* learning the squat/scoot technique of mid-foot running

* learning how to toughen the feet for barefoot running on virtually any surface

The end result was a transformation of those in attendance from looping, pounding, injury-seeking wannabes to level-headed, quiet, safe squat/scoot running machines! It was beautiful to behold. As one of the attendees commented post seminar, “I thought my feet would hurt more. If anything, I felt lighter & stronger whilst using less energy. My core is sore, though!”. This is precisely what making the transition from coffin-wearing, heel-striking to barefoot caressing is all about.

More details re: the technical process to barefoot running in upcoming blogs…


coach Jeff


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