Gravity – a Barefoot Runner’s Nemesis!!

The most important component of my squat/scoot mid-foot style of barefoot running is HANDLING GRAVITY.  Without exception, all runners who come to me for training have no idea how to brace vs. the natural downward pull of gravity.

Gravity exists to keep us on the earth. Running is the action of moving one’s body vs. gravity. In other words, they are diametrically opposed. No wonder safe, efficient, powerful running is so difficult to master.

As I teach my runners how to brace vs. gravity & literally scoot along any surface, I never let them forgot what it feels like to let gravity control your running action. Try this during one of your runs:

* start your run by letting yourself literally fall to earth

* do NOT squat, brace nor scoot

* run for no more than 50 metres like this & be aware of the feelings

* then, go into your braced squat/scoot position & run the same 50 metres

You be the judge of the difference!

To lock in the bracing action, I teach my runners how to maintain a braced core ALL DAY LONG – sitting @ their desk, driving their car, sitting in a meeting, sitting in a movie theatre, standing @ a concert or sporting event etc. Virtually none of us maintain a braced posture throughout our day. No wonder we have back pain, hip & knee pain, etc. – we spend most of our day slouched, loose & off-centre.

Thus – wake the hell up & start bracing!


coach Jeff




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