Barefoot Runners Making Progress!

My transition running clinic members @ Runner’s Mark in Port Credit, Ontario, Canada are now into Week 4 of their 12 week session. Most are gearing up to complete the CameronHelps 5 km. run on Father’s Day June 17. This will be a huge accomplishment as none of the 14 have run barefoot before.

As of tonite, they are up to 1.5 kms using my Squat/Scoot technique of mid-foot running. 10 of the 14 are fully barefoot, 1 runs in the FiveFingers & 2 run in the NB Minimus10. All have thrown away their coffins for some form of minimalist footwear when not running barefoot. As we progress, the minimalist footwear will also be used less & less. They are getting better @ bracing, staying low, flicking & pushing forward. Over the time of the clinic, they will not perfect the Squat/Scoot but they’ll get close!!


coach Jeff









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