Barefoot on Trails

Many of my running colleagues cannot believe that I run barefoot on trails. I’m surprised by this mainly due to the fact that most trails are easier on  my feet than most roads. As long as humans have not messed with the trails, I normally do not get cuts, tears, abrasions or pieces of glass etc. jammed into my soles.

Most trails left to nature are pristine & actually quite gentle on the feet. As your ankles get stronger & your feet muscles get more developed, you land lighter, respond faster to changes in terrain &, generally, run lighter & more efficiently than shod trail runners. Most will argue that as you get into rockier terrain,barefoot just won’t ‘cut’ it (pardon the pun). I would argue that being barefoot on rockier terrain actually makes you a BETTER trail runner. You learn to adapt instantaneously to changes in the weather, terrain & competition. You learn to move literally like a moutain cat – quietly, safely, efficiently & powerfully.

Until someone proves to me otherwise, I’m stickin’ to the trails…BAREFOOT!!


coach Jeff




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