Free-Falling Whist Barefoot Running

The single biggest challenge I find with my barefoot running students is holding the hell on as they increase the distance. We do an inordinate amount of deep practice to learn proper bracing. This allows them to land ever-so lightly foot-strike after foot-strike. When working vs. gravity, this is the most essential component to SAFE, EFFICIENT, POWERFUL barefoot running.

Inevitably, as I get them out onto the road etc., they start out strong, light & quiet. Within a few kms. (depending on their level of training), the feet start to slap. That is when we stop, re-group by bracing & deep focusing & then continue. If they can’t hold the bracing position, we call it a day. It’s then time to put in more disciplined bracing work off-road  & gear up for a longer go @ the barefoot running distance.

Keeping fighting gravity, barefooters & wannabes!


coach Jeff


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