Barefoot Transition Seminar @ NUDGE Training Centre

Coach Jeff – one of Canada’s top barefoot running coaches – will be the keynote presenter @ NUDGE Training Centre in Streetsville, Ontario
, Canada.
For all pertinent details (precise location, registration contact info, cost etc.), please see flyer attached.

This is your opportunity to learn the basics of Coach Jeff’s Squat-Scoot method of mid-foot running. It will also be a unique opportunity to venture into the barefoot world of running. For those attempting to make the transition from ‘heel-heavy’ running shoes to so-called ‘minimalist’ or ‘glove-type’ shoes, the seminar content will be of particular interest. The assessment of your current running technique, suggestions on possible improvements to decrease the risk of running injuries & drills to help you lock in the squat-scoot style of running will form the backbone of the content.

Register early to ensure your spot in a one-of-a-kind training seminar.

See you on April 28 @ 1:00 p.m.!


coach Jeff


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