Comment on Research – Barefoot vs. ‘Shod’ Running

The recently published research article from the University of Colorado basically concludes that runners proportionately work harder & use more energy running barefoot vs. shod.  According to the researchers, this was surprising based on the current thinking that “less on the feet makes one more efficient & does not require as much aerobic output”.

Having run barefoot for many years & having trained many people how to run barefoot, I can attest that the above is correct. lRunning barefoot requires total commitment & focus on becoming as tight & light as humanly possible. This allows you to caress any surface you impact with maximum efficiency & minimal damage. To do this repeatedly over gradually increasing distances on all types of terrain IS not only difficult BUT energy-sapping.

On the other hand, as you get better @ squatting, scooting & flicking, you also get more aerobically fit,  muscularly locked in & skeletally protected. Race pace-wise, you WILL get slower initially but, over time, you will actually get faster.

Thus, if running barefoot does indeed require more aerobic effort than running shod BUT allows me to run ‘un-incumbered,  injury-free, light & powerful, COUNT ME IN!!


coach Jeff


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