Enough Already…!!

I don’t know about you but I’ve had quite enough of the so-called ‘new wave barefoot movement’! Since when did this become a ‘new’ movement??!!

Humans have been running barefoot since the beginning of time.  Thus, when I read about the “ten steps to running barefoot” or “transitioning gradually to barefoot running” blah, blah, blah, I can’t help but chuckle.

In the era of Puff Puff Pirie, Lasse Viren, Emil Zatopek etc. in the1920s to 1950s, techniques such as staying low with knees always bent & scooting, mid-foot striking, barefoot running, plimsoles (the early version of ‘training flats’) were taken for granted. Somewhere in the 1960s, we lost our way & became soft, softer & softest. Worse yet, we let a bunch of $$-driven ‘entrepreneurs’ dictate that ‘more on our feet was better’ – oh, & by the way, with each add-on, that’ll be an extra $20.00!! We bought in hook, line & sinker – we’re still paying the price re: long term injuries, high-priced ‘rehab’ & the inability to run as God wanted us to run.

In today’s era, there are a few basics that we ‘soft-soled’ humans must perfect to run safely, efficiently & powerfully – BAREFOOT:

1. toughen up the soles by grinding them over rough surfaces every chance you get – no ‘easing in’

2. tighten up your core from mid chest to mid thigh CONSTANTLY, – brace & fire when you walk, sit, drive, run

3. think tight, light, compact, forward with EACH running stride – make it a priority to land as light as a feather but push off as strong as an antelope

Forget all this ‘easing in on grassy surfaces or walking barefoot around your home’ ca ca. Toughen up promptly, brace constantly & get the hell out on there!


coach Jeff


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