Getting to the Start Line of the Around The Bay 30km Road Race!

This seems like it should be academic. After all, you’ve trained all winter to tackle North America’s oldest and, many would argue TOUGHEST, road race. It’s certainly the toughest 30 km. road race I’ve ever encountered.

My Team Over The Top members have found the going particularly tough this year and not because of a harsh winter. On the contrary, this has been the mildest Canadian (specifically, southern Ontario) winter on record. The challenge has been the ability to get in enough quality training during the week and NOT overload on our ‘heavy’ Sunday training. A few of my team have been struggling with aches, pains & minor tears that are now threatening their race day participation. As I train my people to do the Squat/Scoot style of mid-foot running (which demands total commitment to firing from the gluts, bracing the core, flicking from the mid-foot & driving forward), they MUST NOT let go. If they do, gravity wins & they start slapping the feet too flat & hard repeatedly on unforgiving Mother Earth. Later in a run, this leads to all kinds of issues that can threaten race day participation. Thus, I constantly harp on “bracing, firing, flicking, counting 1,2,3,4 to maintain cadence etc.”

God willing, all of you who have remained injury-free will survive the final week. I’ll be there with my Mickey Mouse gloves & bare feet looking to run you in!

Coach Jeff


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