Natural Running Clinic Starting Soon

Coach Jeff Stapleton (MSc. Exercise Physiology, Level III Certified Coach, President of TOTT) is joined by Jeff Ransome (BSc. Kin., Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, Owner of Velocity Sports Training & Rehab Centre) in providing a 12 week Natural Running Clinic for all comers (beginners, veterans, young & old) at the Runner’s Mark store in Port Credit.  CALL 905-813-3999


  • Introductory session @ Runner’s Mark on Saturday, March 10 from 10 to 11 a.m.
  • Gait analysis at Velocity by coach Ransome to assess your running technique.
  • Clinic start date – Monday, March 26 from 6:30 to 7:15 p.m. @ the Runner’s Mark store
  • Goal race is the CameronHelps 5km. in Port Credit on Father’s Day in June
  • Cost is $149.99/person – this represents a 50% savings from the standard course fee led by coach Stapleton. Payment can be made directly at the Runner’s Mark store
  • Sessions will be held each Monday till race day except on holiday Mondays. An alternative day in the week will be offered to cover the 2 holiday Mondays within the clinic
  • Guidance for other run days in the week will be provided

Who should join:

  • Anyone wishing to learn how to run SAFELY, EFFICIENTLY & POWERFULLY via the Squat/Scoot method of mid-foot running (as developed by coach Stapleton)
  • Anyone who has been frustrated with on-going soft tissue injuries from running (IT-Band, Runner’s knee, plantar fascitis, Achilles tendonitis etc.) whilst running in thick, traditional running shoes
  • Anyone who has tried to shift from traditional running shoes to ‘minimalist’ footwear or barefoot without success
  • Anyone interested in learning how to move quietly with less effort on any running surface in gradually LESS footwear
  • Coach Stapleton is NOT approaching this as a “run barefoot or don’t join us” clinic. He, on the contrary, will show you how to move in the squat/scoot style no matter what you have or DO NOT have on your feet. As part of the process, you can CHOOSE to go barefoot outdoors as you progress through the off-road drills designed to:
  • Strengthen your feet, calves, quads, hams, gluts, abdomen
  • Improve your balance & centering
  • Initiate the power push-off the the ‘flicking’ technique
  • Coordinate the arm action with the breathing rhythm with the foot turnover

This is a unique opportunity for you to be trained by 2 of the VERY best in the business.

The environment will be uplifting, fulfilling, challenging & ‘over the top!

Register now whilst spots are still available…

Coaches Jeff & Jeff :))


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