Bracing = Caressing = Injury-free

The squat-scoot technique of mid-foot running as instructed by Coach Jeff depends mainly on bracing the body from mid-chest to mid-thigh. To do this, one must compress the upper body into the lower body (as in the Jack-in-the-box). You are essentially coiled & ready to drive forward.

Once you have perfected BRACING, it becomes almost automatic that you will caress whatever surface upon which you run (think of Steppenwolf’s Magic Carpet ride as opposed to the POGO Stick pound!).  If you can hear your feet as they impact Mother Earth, you know immediately that the bracing/caressing component of your running technique has faltered. Mentally go through the checklist of “am I in the proper squat/scoot position?” & adapt where necessary.

The better you get at the process, the less likely you are to suffer an avoidable running injury. For more information on this or any other aspect of barefoot running, contact Coach Jeff at coach@natural or thru his website

Check out next week’s blog – what’s the difference between ‘minimalist’ & ‘barefoot’ shoes…or is there any? Does it matter to your running or is fully barefoot the only way to go?

coach Jeff


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