#Barefoot #Science Inserts – What’s the Deal?? #InjuryFreeRunning


Humans are basically lazy – especially 21st Century humans!

We simply look for the easy way to do everything. With the explosion of social media, the easy, fast, sedentary way of doing everything has taken over the majority of humans’ daily ‘actions’.

As a result, something as difficult & physically challenging as running barefoot safely, efficiently & powerfully is beyond the scope of most humans. The barefoot science technology (www.barefoot-science.ca) has been around for 22 years BUT is just recently gaining a foot-hold (pardon the pun!) in the medical & physical fitness realms.

Quite simply, the system works as an ongoing stimulus for the nerves firing from the foot arch. This in turn activates the muscles in the foot which in turn stimulate blood-flow, improve balance, take pressure off joints – well, you get the picture.

It’s the lazy person’s answer to barefoot training, running, exercising etc. The results in a # of research studies re: the benefits of the graded pad inserts are impressive. Thus, for those who run barefoot or (God forbid, in ‘minimalist’ shoes or coffins), these are a perfect corollary to fit inside your work &/or dress shoes as well as your hockey skates, rugby & soccer cleats etc.

Many of my athletes & business clients have shifted from ‘cement- encasing’ orthotics to the barefoot science inserts with consistently better results re: low back pain, ‘itis’ injuries etc. Check them out on-line; they are available for purchase there & in various retail outlets (such as Runner’s Mark in Port Credit, Ont., Canada).

Here’s to ending your needless soft tissue pain…!

In the meantime, contact the coach @ http://www.naturalrunning.ca to book in a private training session, a seminar or workshop or  join a running clinic.

Stay tight & low…

Coach Jeff

JOIN COACH JEFF for an upcoming clinic and enjoy !



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