TOTT Running Tip

The squat-scoot technique of mid-foot running as developed by Coach Jeff Stapleton requires a commitment to off-road drills. To start on the road to safe, efficient, powerful running, Coach Stapleton recommends the following:

* practice bracing your core (from mid chest to mid thigh) by lying on your back with 1 leg extended & the other bent @ 90 degrees

* slide 1 hand under the small of your back

* brace your whole core & lift your upper body slightly off the floor

* you should be able to slide you hand out from under your back @ all times during the motion(in other words, this is NOT a pelvic tilt)

* hold for a split second & then lower yourself to the floor, keeping the core activated

* repeat immediately. Try to work up to 8 reps per leg extended

* this will teach you to brace from the core (especially the gluts) as you start the squat portion of the squat/scoot

Next week’s tip – testing your balance.


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